Justin to feature at ON|OFF, 16 September 2008

Justin Smith's third independent collection for Spring and Summer 2009 is called Kaleidoscope. The first showing takes place at the Royal Academy Of Arts on September 16th as part of On|Off.

After receiving much press attention for his previous two shows, Kaleidoscope takes Justin's signature styles to the next level of artistry. The quicksilver milliner's skill deceives the eye of the beholder and every hat in this collection showcases a different technique to amazing effect.

Mesmirizing, sparkly, interchangeable shapes that are seen and not seen, there and not there, suspended by as if by magic, combine together to make amazing, collectable, multi-part hats that are more than the sum of their deliciously colourful parts.

Kaleidoscope is a collection of fascinating, hand-made millinery pieces that can be worn singly or in clusters, coming together to make any number of ingenious combinations; from pop-up sun hats to origami headbands, fringes and finger waves, buttons and bows, dream-catchers and foil-blocked feathers, endlessly combinable, uncontrollably creative.

Transparent, pearlescent, iridescent, incandescent: twirl the Kaleidoscope and a myriad styles unfurl.

Clothes: Palette London
Shoes: Amy Worley
Jewellery pieces: Thomas

Hair: Nina Bekert
Make-up: Jemma Kidd Make-up.

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